“Us” and “We” means We Love Start Ups by Neon Zoo
“You” means the client
“Work” means the work you have asked us to do
“Finished Work” means the finished product of the work that you asked us to do – provided to you in
hard copy, PDF or as a ‘live’ website – and does not include Source Files
“Source files” means any part of the Work which has been created, including but not limited to indd
files, psd files, eps files, fla files and any reference to ‘native files’.
Payment terms:
Small or Quick Turnaround Projects:
• Stage 1 retention fee (50%) is required before commencement of design; and
• Stage 2 payment (100%) on completion.
Branding Projects:
• Stage 1 retention fee (50%) is required before commencement of design; and
• Stage 2 payment (100%) on completion.
Website and E-Newsletter Projects:
• Stage 1 retention fee (40%) is required before commencement of design;
• Stage 2 (80%) non-refundable progress payment is required before commencement of
development; and
• Stage 3 payment (100%) on completion.
Print, photography and licenses
• Stage 1 retention fee (50%) is required before commencement of design; and
• Stage 2 payment (100%) on completion.

1. The quotation of fees and expenses for each project will remain valid for thirty (30) days.
2. All quotations include one (1) revision of design and copy. Any additional changes will incur
a fee which will be charged at an hourly rate (Art Director: $130.00; Junior Designer $100.00;
Administration: $80.00 excl GST). In these circumstances, We will provide to You an
estimate of the likely cost of the further revisions prior to commencing any revisions.
3. Unless expressly confirmed in writing, quotations do not include:
(a) GST;
(b) Printing costs;
(c) Commissioned photography, artwork, font licencing, copywriting and stock
photography Domain registration and hosting costs ; and
(d) The provision of Source Files – the provision of source files will be subject to an
additional quotation and charge.
4. Disbursements will be charged in addition to the quotation at cost plus 20%.
5. Significant design concept changes are only accepted at the concept visual stage. Additional
costs arising from subsequent departure from agreed design direction, outlined in the
approved design brief and specifications document, will be quoted and billed. Extra costs
may also be incurred after the second proofing stage, if more modifications are desired.
6. The quotation is an estimate only and subject to change, for example where the scope of the
Work changes or You require more than one revision.
Commencement of work:
7. Work will only proceed upon receipt by Us of:-
(a) Signed approval of the design brief and specifications document; and
(b) The retention fee in clear funds.
8. The retention fee is non-refundable.
9. Provision of the signed approval of the design brief and specifications document and / or
payment of the retention fee to Us is taken to be an acceptance to be bound by these terms
and conditions.
General payment terms – applicable to all projects:
10. Finished Work will only be released once payment has been received in full as clear funds.
11. Payment must be received within seven (7) days of the date of invoice.
12. If We issue an invoice and it is not paid, or is only partly paid, within 14 days, You must pay
interest in addition to the unpaid amount of the bill. Interest will be charged at the ‘Cash
Rate Target’ fixed by the Reserve Bank of Australia from time to time, plus an additional 2%,
and it will accrue from the 15th day after the bill is issued, until the whole of the bill is paid.
13. If You do not pay any account within 14 days, We may, at our sole discretion, stop all work
relating to the project until such time as outstanding accounts have been paid.
14. All payments are non-refundable.
Copyright and trademark:
15. We will take no responsibility for any copyright infringements or issues arising from any
artwork (including but not limited to sketches and fonts), images and copy provided to Us by
16. You will indemnify Us from any liability arising from any breach of copyright in any such
works provided by You.
17. We guarantee that any work produced by Us is our original creation and is not the work of
any other person or entity. While We will use our best endeavours to ensure that all
Finished Work does not infringe any copyright or trademark law, We will not undertake any
investigations to confirm that no other person or entity has created the same or similar work
to that created by Us. Any investigations into these issues is the responsibility of You, and
You are encouraged to make your own enquiries with a suitably qualified professional as to
these issues.
18. Copyright of all work is retained by Neon Zoo. You are licenced to use the Finished Work for
the purpose it was originally supplied. If You seek to use any of the Finished Work (or any
part of it) for any other purpose, You may make a request in writing to Us for a licence to use
the work (or any part of it), and the granting of any such licence is at the sole discretion of Us.
19. Once a print proof is accepted by You, You accept responsibility of the print job so long as it
matches the proof.
20. It is your responsibility to check and approve your artwork. We do not accept responsibility
for spelling, grammar, dates, punctuation and/or typographical errors and colour
reproduction. It is recommended that You print any artwork for accurate proof reading.
21. All projected timelines are estimates only and We will not be liable for delays to projected
22. Except as required by law, we will not issue any refunds or credits