Q: How long does it take you to design my logo?
A: We will send you preliminary designs within 5 days of receiving your brief and 50% payment. All revisions will be made within 2-3 business days of your feedback.

Q: If I fill in a brief am I committed to paying you?
A: No, your not committed until you pay the 50% invoice on your project.

Q: I have a sketch of what I want, can I show you?
A: Of course, tell us about it in your brief and then email us a copy of the picture.

Q: I’ve emailed you a question, how long will you take to respond?
A: We respond to all email enquiries within 2 business days (we work on Australian Eastern Standard Time).

Q: Where are you located?
A: Our studio is in Newcastle, NSW, Australia (take a tour of our studio here). If you are local, we’re happy for you to make an appointment to come into the studio.

Q: Can I talk to you?
A: Of course! We take phone and skype appointments.

Q: Who will be creating my design?
A: All of our design work is done in our studio in sunny Newcastle, NSW, Australia by our talented and qualified design team. Meet the team here.

Q: I need some other design work done. Can you do it?
A: Most definitely! Our ‘big sister’ studio, Neon Zoo, can do all sorts of design work. Just send us an email with what you need and we will get in touch to discuss.

Q: What if I don’t like what you’ve done?
A: With every package you are allocated a number of revisions. We rely on you to tell us what you like and dislike about the design so that we can make the required revisions and changes resulting in your final logo design. Read our blog post about how to give good feedback here.

Q: Can I get more revisions?
A: Yes, you can have as many revision as you like! However, an hourly fee will be charged for all revisions outside of your allocated package. This can be billed in 15 minute time blocks to avoid too much expense on top of your chosen ‘start up’ package.