Statup Stories: Roccet ID

We first met Rob, from Roccet ID earlier this year when he came to ‘We Love Startups’ for a logo design for his new business. So we were excited to check in with him to see how his new business is going and to have him share his ‘Start up Story’.

roccet ID Maitland Logo design maitland

1: So tell us what is Roccet ID?’
Roccet ID is an online store operating off the back of Roccet Engraving, an established laser engraving business in the Hunter Valley.

Roccet ID specializes in providing ID wristbands, luggage tags and other items. Our wristbands in particular can come with a variety of information such as In Case of Emergency (I.C.E) information, allergies, medical conditions, or barcodes for running events or other scanning applications.

Our market includes, Runners, children, elderly, allergy sufferers, endurance athletes and more.

2: Why did you start your own business?
I started Roccet ID as I felt there was a real need for people to be wearing some form of identification whilst out running alone as I often do. I then became aware of a variety of people that could benefit from these products.

3: What’s been your biggest challenge so far?
Our biggest challenge has been getting our brand out into the market place as one of our main competitor’s is from the USA as has a known following and presence and we think most Australians would rather buy Australian if given a choice.

4: Any tips for other Startups?
Spend time researching your competitors and finding your unique selling proposition.

5: What next for Roccet ID?’
We would like to be an easily accessible and well recognised brand across Australia with a solid reputation and would like to expand with pet identification and the use of QR codes in asset management and identification.

Roccet ID wristbrands

You can order a wristband through Roccet ID online store or continue to follow Roccet ID’s story through their facebook page.

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