How Instagram Can Help Your Business

Instagram is currently one of the fastest growing social media platforms. Part 2 of our social media focuses on Instagram (See our Part one on Facebook here)  and ‘How Instagram Can Help Your Business’


1. Engagement 
Instagram achieves a greater level of engagement (likes/comments and reposts) than all other social media platforms. See the Forrester study here.

2. Exposure.
Each of your posts will be highly visible, there is no algorithm (like Facebook has) that controls your feed. So everything you post will be seen in the feed of your followers.

3. Hashtags
You can use hashtag to help your content be searchable

4. It’s extremely easy.
No need to over think it. Take a photo and post it….that’s it.

5. Instagram can give you an opportunity to market your products and services in a creative way.
Ditch the catalogue images and show your products and services being used in real situation.

5. It a great opportunity to add personality to your brand.
Show some behind the scenes image, celebrate milestones, support good causes and generally have fun with it.

Want to get started? First you need to download the app on your iPhone or tablet.

Here’s some businesses that are using Instagram for business really well

1. The Little Veggie Patch Co.

2. Nectar & Stone

3. The Luxe Nomad

4. The Lair

5. Pappa Sven 

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This post was originally posted on on 1/12/14

How Instagram can help your business