What makes a good logo design ?

Having a logo designed is an exciting time, however it can be easy to sometimes loose sight of the main objectives of logo design. Keep yourself focused by going through the main characteristics of good logo design.


This may be one of the most important qualities of a good logo. Don’t have an overly complicated logo, it makes it harder for a viewer to remember and understand it and you risk losing quality when you  need to reproduce is for various applications. This may also mean not using too many colours, most iconic logos use only 2-3 colours.

Think about all of the different situations you will need to use your logo in.  It should work equally in a large and small format.

For a logo to me memorable your target audience should be able to recall something about it.

Your logo should be unique to you and your business. Don’t let your potential clients get confused between you and your competitor and don’t try and copy a competitors success through mimicking their brand.

Think about who your target audience and what appeals to them. Don’t get carried away with a design just because it appeals to you personally. Your logo design should be appropriate for your Industry and your target market and say something about your business.

Don’t get too caught up with whats currently trending. Your logo should outlive any trends, aim for longevity.

Your logo won’t just be used on your business cards and letterhead. Think about all of the applications your will need it for.

You may need to:

  • Have it embroided onto uniforms
  • Reproduce it in black and white
  • Blown up really large for a billboard
  • Reduced to a very small size for a web app
  • Reversed out onto a dark background and a light background.

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