Startup Stories: John Lechner Fine Art Prints

It is so perfect that we talk to John from John Lechner Fine Art Prints this week, as this week is the businesses first birthday. Read below as John talks us through his startup journey.

Q: So tell us, what is ‘John Lechner Fine Art Prints?’
A: We focus on selling high quality framed photographic artworks from my travels around Australia and the world.

Q: Why did you start your own business?
A: Because I have wanderlust and this was one of the few sensible ways to satisfy my wanderlust and passion for photography.

Q: What’s been your biggest challenge so far?
A: Believing in our vision, sticking to our guns and knowing that it will work as long as we stay true to ourselves.

Q: Any tips for other Startups?
A: Everything takes time, be patient but at the same time dream huge!! One of my goals, a real pie in the sky goal, was to have a New York City exhibition in 2015. I am going back in June for a solo exhibition in the gallery district of Manhattan.

Q: What’s next for ‘John Lechner Fine Art Prints?’
A: We have recently launched an offshoot to our business called Artwork Rentals. Essentially we have made the majority of our prints available for rent to local Hunter businesses. Our focus is on making high quality local and international artwork available to businesses in the Hunter Region, to add value to their operations.

We put art within reach of most businesses large or small, helping transform their office or reception areas. Renting art can be the fraction of the cost of purchasing artwork and makes good business sense.
Every four months we come in and swap the artworks, giving the space a refreshed look and helping portray a warm and welcoming environment. We also offer a rent-to-buy option. If a customer particularly likes a rented artwork they can buy it out for a discounted price that takes into account their rental.
Follow John’s works and travels via his Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts.
John Lechner Fine Art Prints
The branding for John Lechner Fine Art prints was developed by our Sister Studio ‘Neon Zoo‘ . we are pleased as punch to see how well he is doing one year on. Congratulations John, we can’t wait to see what the next year brings 
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