Startup Stories: Best Body Supplements

This weeks edition of Startup Stories is by David from Best Body Supplements. David started his BeSt Body Supplements in 2012 and has been moving from strength to strength ever since (pardon the pun!)

Q: So tell us, what is ‘Best Body Supplements?’
A: Best Body Supplements is a retail outlet that sells dietary supplements to  people trying to change their body composition or increase their performance levels in sport. Our staff all hold nationally accredited and recognised qualifications relevant to their role and we have a friendly, relaxed environment that is welcoming to most demographics.

Q: Why did you start your own business?
A: From a young age I had the urge to try and make money. My 1st business venture was in year 1 at  7 years of age buying and selling marbles in the playground.

As an adult I could see the money that my sales ability and work ethic was generating for my employer. I thought about the success I had in every other job and realised there was no reason why my own business should be different. I had never put my employer out of business.

At the time I started my business, I was training at the gym and using the products I now sell.  I saw an opportunity. I only intended for this business to be a learning platform or training ground for bigger and better things. Hopefully I achieve them before I go marbles

Q: What’s been your biggest challenge so far?
A: People. I have found people the hardest variable to control.  Just before I started my shop I would dismiss any doubts I was having, by reminding myself of the types of incompetent people running successful business, and if they can do it surely I can. The problem I forgot to factor in was that these people at some stage are either staff members, suppliers, customers or community stakeholders. People are all different, all present their own set of problems, all have different emotions and a different understanding of life. They can be the unpredictable time bombs  that are capable of destroying the best of plans.

Q: Any tips for other Startups?
A: Money is a representation of time, and business is an investment. Business quite happily accepts either form of currency being time or money, but the return on your business will only  be relative to your investment. Pick and choose your battles wisely so you are using your time effectively. Do not try and take on all the work yourself as a cost saving measure. Don’t be scared to pay a professional. Their quality of work comes from the time they invested in their field and the return on their work will often be greater.  Either way you are paying the same in the end.

Q: What’s next for ‘Best Body Supplements?’
A: Best Body recently opened its 2nd location and has introduced healthy, café style foods. Once we iron out the creases we will assess how it can be duplicated at other locations.

Best Body Supplements currently has two store locations Warners Bay and Muswellbrook. Follow Best Body Supplements story via their Facebook  and Instagram accounts.

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success story from best body Supplements

Success Story from a Best Body Customer

The Best Body Supplements logo was designed by our sister company Neon Zoo in 2012.

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