Q&A with Alexa Shearing, Junior Graphic Designer

Next up in our ‘getting to know you series’ of the staff at We love Startups, is Alexa Shearing, our Junior Graphic designer. Originally from Melbourne, Alexa has been living and working with us for over 3 years. We love having her in studio so I think you’ll also enjoy getting to know her better.

Q: What’s your favourite type of design
Design that’s innovative and eye catching, and doesn’t try to be something that its not. Simple bold colours that ooze sophistication…I’m not sure if I’m talking about dresses or logos, but I always consider the above when deciding on either option.

Q: What do you do to get around a creative block?
Grab a coffee, walk away from my desk for a few minutes and start fresh

Q: Got any tips for Small Business Owners?
Be sure of how you want your clients/customers to feel upon their first impression of your business or brand and instill that ‘feeling’ within your team.

Q: What websites do you look at for a bit of time out?

Q: Why do you love start ups?
Let’s face it nobody likes an ugly logo… We love start ups provides a unique, grass roots opportunity for those who want to engage in a professional looking logo design and get there business out there quickly, and looking good on a budget…ohhh yeah!!

ALexa-Shearing, Junior Graphic Designer

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