Q & A with Clare Gleeson, Graphic Designer

Today we get to know Clare Gleeson, another of the the senior graphic designers in the second instalment of our Q&A series with the peeps from ‘We Love Startups’.

Q: What’s your favourite type of design
A: I love the process of designing a new logo and then being part of its evolution and application as the business  grows. There’s nothing better then  seeing the logo you helped work on out in the real world. I still get excited when I see clients drive by with their logo on the side of a car or see it on menu at a restaurant.

Q: What do you do to get around a creative block?
A: Take a break. There’s nothing productive about staring at a blank computer screen! I like to take a quick break, move on to another project or better yet, go for a walk. The best ideas usually come to me when I’m not trying to force it.

Q: Got any tips for Small Business Owners?
A: I think it’s really important to just keep moving, and to constantly try new things. I’m also loving some of the amazing apps and online tools that can make your life so much easier. In our studio we love assistant.to for making appointments (without going back and forth) and Xero for accounts.

Q: What websites do you look at for a bit of time out?
A: I’m a big fan of The Design Files and can loose hours on Pinterest, I also like to read the interviews on Extraordinary Routines.

Q: Why do you love start ups?
A: As a graphic designer, I love that when you work with startups you have a clean slate and there is usually no pre-existing design elements that you need to worry about incorporating. I also love hearing other people stories about why they have decided to go out on their own. I find my clients enthusiasm, excitement and passions for their business really rub off on me and motivate me personally.

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Clare Gleeson Graphic Designer at We Love Start ups