How to Name a Business

One of the more exciting steps of starting a business is deciding on it’s name. But naming a business is easier said then done, see below our guide on ‘How to Name A Business’ and some of the things that you should consider.

How to name a business

First off, think about what you want to communicate, what will appeal to your target market, what will have longevity and be easily recognisable.

When deciding on a name are a few different types names that you can choose from:

  • Abstract or made up names from which they create your own image e.g Neon Zoo, ebay, Apple
  • Descriptive names that tell you exactly what they do e.g Pizza Hut, Post it, Internet Explorer
  • Suggestive Names, these names relates to feelings, actions or emotions e.g Yahoo, LinkedIn, Greyhound Australia
  • Compound or blend names, combining two words/ideas to form a name e.g Mailchimp, YouTube, Wikipedia
  • Family e.g Harrods, Johnson & Johnson, Disney
  • Acronyms e.g IBM, BBC, HSBC
  • Geographical references e.g Bega, Singapore Airlines, Nokia

Then there are particular qualities, that should aspire to and avoid, such as choosing a name that is:

1. Unique and Memorable

2. Avoids Unusual Spelling

3. Easy to Pronounce

4. Check for any cultural insensitivity’s. Do not pick a name that could have negative, insulting or unlucky meanings in another language.

5. Check that a matching domain name is Available.

6. Check that it is available on the Business Name Index.

7. Allow for some flexibility, don’t pigeonhole yourself in too much. If you plan to move or expand, then Geographic locations and names that are too descriptive about the product/service you offer can do this.

8. Test your name out. Ask some potential customers what they think.

9. Offer a hint. If you you go down the path of an abstract name, consider have a tagline that gives a clue about your product or service.