How to give a designer good feedback

Graphic Design is all about a partnership between the designer and the client. To create a great logo design, designers need to give feedback that is accurate, descriptive and inline with the original brief set. Read our tips below about how to give a designer good feedback.


1. Start with a good brief
When filling in your job sheet have a good think about what it is your after. This means trying to look at it from the point of view of your customers and not just your perspective as a business owner. Think about what you are trying to communicate rather than trying to follow a particular trend. See our post her on How to Brief Your Designer

2. Having trouble finding the right words?
Pictures can help, try finding an example of something similar or drawing a rough sketch and sending it to us. If we haven’t quite got the right colour or font, an example can be really helpful.

3. Be specific
Explaining exactly what you do and don’t like about a design is extremely helpful to a designer. It means we can expand on what you like and focus less on the aspects you dislike.

4. Be honest
Designers can only work from the information that you provide, so be upfront and honest. The more information and you share the more we have to work from.

Below are some helpful prompts for when your speaking to your designer:

  • I’d prefer you to use title case in my business name ie; Capital ‘J’ for John and ‘S’ for Smith.
  • That font is too traditional, can you try something more modern?
  • These colours are too bright, can you tone them done a little?
  • I like the icon, but could you do it in green tones instead?
  • Can you make the logo mark 50% bigger?
  • I really like the font you have used, can you try it with the logo mark from the second concept?