Home office inspiration, via Pinterest

Working from home is often a necessity for many business looking to get off the ground and start their business lean! Check out this home office inspiration, via Pinterest.

We did it when we started our big-sister business, Neon Zoo. We worked day and night in our little sunroom, just so we could give our business idea the ‘legs’ to get off the ground! For some businesses a retail or commercial office space isn’t required, a lot of businesses have to fit their schedule around home and family commitments and for others, they simply can’t afford it. Often it’s startups, sole traders, freelancers and new businesses that fit into that last bracket whereby it’s all about starting businesses lean. But just because you need to start your business out on a budget, doesn’t mean you need to compromise on creating a cool, creative workspace that motivates you to get out of bed each morning and whip your goals into shape!

We are always looking for ways to make our studio more inviting, inspiring and motivating and Pinterest is our go-to resource for creative space inspiration. Checkout these ‘drool-worthy’ home office set-ups that we found via Pinterest below.

Home office inspiration for new startup businesses, via Pinterest

1. Image source: Bodil Bergqvist för Trendenser.se via Pinterest

I love the subway tiles on this.

working from home inspirational offices

2. Image source: Upcycled Treasures via Pinterest

Add a pop of colour like this table and ditch the cork board and use some textured fabric instead.

beautiful home office setup

3. Image source: Ultralinx via Pinterest

Drool worthy home inspiration  for start up businesses

4. Image source: The Glitter Guide via Pinterest

Have plants around you helps to clean the air and gives you some beautiful pops of colour.

Home office nook for startups

5. Image source: Desire to Inspire via Pinterest

Only have a small space to work with?