Co-working Spaces

When starting up a business it is important to keep your overheads low and remain flexible. which means taking on a long commercial lease is out of the question. So you can hop into your pyjamas and set up on your kitchen table or lease a spot in the growing market of commercial co-working spaces.

The growing trend of co-working spaces is not surprisingly in step with the growing trend of people going out on their own as freelances, entrepreneurs, startups, creatives and consultants. This group of people are ditching the big business structure in favour of a more self directed and independent future.

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When tossing up the pros and cons of a shared office space vs working from home, you need to consider more then just the dollar value. Working from home is free however a co-working  space brings with it many other benefits including;

    • Community support and networking opportunities
    • Meaningful conversations, (your cat can not help with brain storming sessions). In a co-working space you can easily bounce ideas of someone over a cup of coffee.
    • The internet is set up and ready for you to plug in
    • Most co-working spaces will package all their costs into the one monthly fee so that your not locked in.
    • Swap your kitchen table for a board room for those important meetings.
    • Some spaces have access to mentoring services and workshops.
    • No fit out cost, that’s right they all come with chairs. And most of these spaces understand that a great environment conducive to great ideas so they are usually pretty funky.
    • They are more fun. Sitting at home all day can be kinda boring. Some of these spaces are even decked with in ping pong or foosball tables

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So ditch the cabin fever, get dressed and take a look at some of the co-working spaces available in Australia.

1. Tank Stream Lab, Sydney

2. Fishburners, Sydney

3. York Butter Factory, Melbourne

4. Inspire9, Melbourne

5. River City Labs, Brisbane

6. Space Cubed, Perth

7. That Space, Adelaide

8. Hub Australia, Adelaide

See more examples of co-working spaces here or find a space using using the Creative Spaces Website.

Co-working Space Image via Pinterest