To do List, Free Download

Is there anything more satisfying thAn crossing, ticking or drawing a great big line through an item on your ‘to Do list’?

I believe that nothing gets done in life unless it is, at some stage, scribbled on and ticked off a list. With this in mind, today we a share with you our ‘To Do List’ as a Free Download. This list template is what we use in our studio to help us to organise, prioritise and remember our daily tasks.

We’ve made it available to you as a free printout so that you can join us in our daily quest to get things done. So, Let’s Do This!

Let's Do this Free Download


Let’s Do This free download 

Here are some tips for writing your ‘To Do’s:

  • Always write your ‘to do’ list the day before, otherwise you will find that you get distracted by emails and phones call the next day.
  • Do the things you dislike the most first. Go on, get them out of the way.
  • Don’t confuse quality with quantity, you don’t have to have a million tasks on your list, think about what tasks are really important and prioritise them.
  • Pick your top three tasks that you need to prioritise each day.
  • Reward yourself, choose a reward for completing some of the more difficult tasks. This doesn’t need to be huge, take a 15min break and go for a walk or allow yourself 10 minutes of social media time.

Did you know that we also do custom To Do lists? We can use your branding and customise it to suit your business. Talk to us if you would like a quote.