Q & A with Abby McCarthy, Graphic Designer

So you get to know us a bit better, we’ve decided to do a little Q & A with our team. This week meet Abby McCarthy, one of the Senior Graphic Designer at We Love Startups, trawler of design blogs and coffee aficionado!

Q: What’s your favourite type of design

I really love the challenge of articulating and communicating a key message of a business or organisation through a logo and brand. When broken down to its simplest form a logo is formed by shapes, colours, words and fonts. It is these elements that can greatly change the tone and message of a logo. Developing a new business identity means we have the opportunity of working with owner/operators and get be involved from the start – when business are thinking ‘big picture’, battling nerves and excitement…It really is a thrill to be a part of this process!

Q: What do you do to get around a creative block?

I generally have a look through design blogs, Pinterest and Instagram. Most likely I’m looking at interior or fashion posts, but I find the discovery of new colour palettes, shapes & materials really inspiring. I also love discovering how businesses market their wares. This usually sparks some ideas and ignites the creative process for me. If all else fails, I take a walk and grab a coffee!

Q: Got any tips for Small Business Owners?

The Nike adage is right – ‘Just do it!’ I had this for my screen saver for a while as the saying went against my perfectionist sensibilities. I soon realised that I just needed to get on with it, do it, get it out there and then refine, refine, refine…

Q: What websites do you look at for a bit of time out?

Mmm…there are so many!
The Design Files – A great source of inspiration for what is coming out Australia’s design scene.
Pinterest – This is a great search engine for motivation, design, food, fashion…everything really!
99U – A great resource for time management, organisation, interviews with entrepreneurs etc. I highly recommend subscribing to their e-newsletter.
Smart Company – Again, a great resource for interviews, how other businesses and entrepreneurs solve problems, market news etc

Q: Why do you love start ups?

Because we’re there from the start! We get to work with businesses to carve out their identity and make their mark within their field. It’s really exciting to watch their idea grow from concept to reality and to be part of the process.

Abby McCarthy graphic designer