How to Brief Your Designer

Your job sheet is very important as it gives us all of the information we need to design your logo.  If you struggling with some of the questions read our guide below on ‘how to brief your designer.’


Question 1: Please tell us about yourself?
This questions is just so we know who is filling in the form and what address details to use on your invoice.

Question 2: Please tell us the exact business name you would like us to use?
This is the business name we will be using in your design, so please be sure you check your spelling and have registered this name with the relevant authorities.

Question 3: Please tell us the exact tagline that will sit with your logo.
Do you have a tagline (slogan) that you would like incorporated in your logo? if so please be precise as we will use your exact answer in our designs.

Remember this is an optional question, not all businesses have a tagline. 

Question 4: Please tell us about your business?
This is where you tell us all about your business. Tell us things like;

  • What are you selling?
  • What is your point of difference in the market?
  • Why would clients/customers choose you?
  • What is your price point?

Everything you tell us will remain confidential so don’t hold back. Knowing about your business will help us when we start the designs for you.

Question 5: Please tell us about your target market?
Put yourself in your customers shoes and tell us a little about them. Who are they and where are they. Tell us things like what they like and dislike, their habits and hobbies. Do they want to pay for a high end premium product or service or arethey looking for an economical solution.

This will help us to design a logo that will appeal to you and your target market.

Question 6: Do you have a deadline that you need your logo by?

We can’t promise that we can meet your deadline, but if you have a specific date that you need it by, please let us know and we will do our best. This is especially important if you are also getting printed material through us. Please let us know now so we can check our print schedule.

Please note, Neon Zoo normal turnaround times for a logo is 1 week for preliminary designs and 2-3 days from feedback. If you have a specific deadline we will do our best to accommodate your request and will confirm via email if we can make it.

Question 7: Who are your main competitors?
We don’t want you to accidentally look the same as your direct competitors, so please let us know who you think you will be competing with to get the attention of your target market.

Question 8 – 13 : Please show us your first link to a logo you like?

This is a very important question, it’s where you visually show us examples of a logo you like. Remember this is not necessarily about you, try and think like a potential customer or client.

When we ask what you like and dislike be specific if possible, For example;

  • I really like the font they use
  • I love the colours on this one
  • The icon is similar to what I had in mind.

Also remember that you are showing us reference image only for inspiration. We can’t just duplicate the design with your business name, that would be copying.


Question 14: Is there any specific imagery you would like included in your logo?
Is there anything specific that you wanted represented in your logo? Are you a builder and specifically want a hammer in your logo? are you a public speaker and want a microphone?

Question 15: Please select at least three of the following options that describe your ideal logo?
This is about the type of look and feel you want your logo to have. Will someone look at it and think that it is contemporary or retro?

How to brief your designer

Question 16: Do you prefer any particular colours?
We will try to incorporate these colours into your design. Again try and think about this from your clients perspective and not so much your personal opinion.

Question 17: Are there any font styles that you prefer?
Do any of these styles appeal to you? Remember we won’t be using that exact font, it’s just to give us direction of what you do and don’t like?


Question 18:Do you have a preference for your logotype to be in
Do you have a preference to whether your business name is in capitals, lower case or title case?

Question 19: Do you have any preference to the type of logo you would like?
Logo’s can be designed in a range of ways. We won’t be copying the examples shown, just getting an idea of what you like.

Question 20: Do you have any additional comments or information that you would like to tell us?
Please tell us if there’s anything else we think we should know, no detail is too small so fire away.

You have now briefed your designer, so sit back and relax whilst they get to work!